Distance Learning

Available for students in 5th - 8th grade

Distance Learning Details

  • Tuition for Distance Learning is the same as regular enrollment tuition since the same academic program is being provided. (Materials that would be available in the classroom will be provided, but individual student supplies are the responsibility of the parent.)
  • Students receive live-time instruction from the teacher in the classroom daily.  Interaction with the teacher for student assistance is available via Google Meet.
  • Peer interaction and collaboration is possible through the features of Google Classroom.
  • Assignments are exchanged primarily digitally, but when physical exchange is necessary, a drop-off/pick-up system will be employed. 
  • Participation in Specials and elective classes may be limited due to the on-campus nature of some of those classes (e.g., PE, Art, Dance)  However, students would be permitted to attend those on-campus classes as desired.  Participation in activities on-campus requires that a student have a BCA uniform.  
  • Students new to BCA must apply for enrollment. 
  • Parents must register for Distance Learning and commit to that model for at least a month at a time to maintain continuity in the classroom regarding students  expected to be present each day vs. attending online. 

Parent Testimonies

Partnering with parents is one of BCA’s highest values. During this time of distance learning, that partnership has flourished! Here is what some of our parents have had to say --

“I have loved BCA before now, but with this pandemic going on makes me love and appreciate Bethel even more. Seeing first-hand how the teachers and staff are doing everything in their power to educate, comfort, encourage and stay up on information with the children and right now is so amazing!! I can’t say how much of a blessing Bethel continues to be even through these difficult times!🙌🏽🙏🏽😌 Thank you Bethel school team and Bethel ministries for all you are doing! God bless you all!😌🙏🏽🙌🏽 Choosing Bethel is definitely the way to go if you want the best hands-on education for your child along with all the biblical teachings and discipline that I believe our little ones need more than anything in this world right now! “
“I love BCA and so does my daughter. She looks forward to seeing everyone again but at least she still gets to “see” them every day for class on Google Meet. The staff is so dedicated and we as parents are appreciative.”
“How many schools can say they didn't miss one day of school due to the Covid19 crisis?? BCA is one, that's who!! With short notice and amazing resourcefulness, they rallied together to GET 👏🏾 IT 👏🏾 DONE 👏🏾!!
Bravo to the teachers and staff!! You guys ROCK!! ❤
“My husband and I have so appreciated BCA's response to the COVID-19 crisis and all of the effort to maintain structured continuity in the children's education. We have been amazed how quickly and effectively the BCA teachers have responded with online learning and using new technology and ways of teaching material differently. Considering the minimal to non-existent options available to public school students, it has caused us to appreciate all the more our investment in our children's private Christian education and BCA, in particular.”
“We are thankful to be a part of the BCA family and are so proud of all that the teachers and staff have done to keep everything moving as seamlessly as possible. Most importantly, we appreciate all of the thoughtfulness and concern you and the leadership team have demonstrated toward the students and their family's well-being."
"I am grateful for the teachers at BCA, the hard work, care, and support to continue to provide a quality education for our kids."
"We echo what many parents have been saying. Every one of the teachers we interact with on a regular basis have seamlessly and tirelessly worked with our children. They are doing a fantastic job and they are amazing at what they do!"

Why Choose Bethel Christian Academy?

During this time of uncertainty, you may be wondering why choose private school especially if academics will be provided virtually instead of physically? While there are hundreds of reasons for continuing in private education, here are three clear reasons to choose BCA now: continuity of instruction, benefits of online learning, and quality of education.

First, the state of Maryland’s response to Covid-19 was one of the strongest in the country in all areas save one, education. By March 31st, Maryland was 50th in the nation in preparing its students, parents, teachers, and schools for online learning (Baltimore Sun, 2020). Some schools lost two weeks of education in the transition, but there were many others that lost more than a month. On the other hand, at BCA not one day of learning was lost, and the program was refined as our community gained experience.

Secondly, there are still uncertainties regarding what September may bring, but Bethel will be prepared. While it is our goal to return to our buildings and re-unite as a school community on campus, if we are not able to conduct school safely and productively, we will be prepared to engage students from a distance. We believe that the traditional classroom offers the most benefits; however, there are also things to be gained from online learning done well. It allows for self-pacing and more time to gain understanding of material due to not being constrained by the daily class schedule. Experience with technology beyond entertainment provides preparation for future educational endeavors. Students are less likely to be influenced by peer interactions making them more comfortable asking questions, participating in discussions, or seeking help from the teacher. Many students thrive in the online environment!

Finally, the quality of education being provided comes down to accountability and truth in reporting. Bethel has upheld its expectations of students completing their work and giving appropriate grades for the work completed. While many public schools did not require that students complete academic assignments, Bethel students were held to a standard that allows the school to maintain its program with integrity.