Who We Are

Our Mission
To create an authentic Christian learning community to train students 
to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ, and to equip 
them spiritually and academically to be lights to the world.
Our Vision
To produce academically equipped young people who demonstrate
 their commitment to Christ by exhibiting love toward others, strong 
biblical convictions, and a desire to impact the world for Him.

Core Values

Academic Excellence

•Rigorous Academic Program
•Excellent Christian Teachers
•Engaging Learning Environment
•Mastery-based Learning
•Biblical World View

Authentic Christianity

•Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ
•The Word of God as the standard of Truth
•Integration of faith with learning

Advancing Community

•Integrity in Relationships
•Partnership with Parents
•Participation in school events and activities
•Development of gifts and talents
•Meaningful opportunities for ministry & outreach

Meet Our Team

We have an excellent team of qualified individuals who are committed to the growth of students academically, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially.


We deeply appreciate your interest in seeking employment with Bethel Christian Academy