Academic Program Core Curriculum Overview

This goal-oriented curriculum results in high academic achievement. In addition, it is designed to establish a foundation firmly anchored to Biblical truth.


In accordance with the BCA mission statement, the basic tenets of the Christian faith are taught using the Bible and published curriculum materials. Through daily prayer, Bible reading, memorization, and discussion each student is encouraged to make a personal decision for Christ and to grow in his/her relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ.

Gospel Publishing HousePreschool
A BekaPreK – Kindergarten
Christian Schools International1st-4th Grades
Positive Action5th – 8th Grade

Language Arts/English

A phonics-based approach to early reading instruction assures that students acquire the skills needed to decode unfamiliar words in text. In addition, students are taught to recognize a large number of words by sight to maximize their ability to read a wide variety of material early. Oral reading and comprehension skills are emphasized. Spelling, grammar, penmanship, and writing skills are integrated to ensure that students become effective in their use of the written word.

A Beka PhonicsPreK-2nd Grade
A Beka Reading and Spelling1st-2nd Grade
ACSI Spelling3rd-4th Grade
BJU Press Reading3rd-5th Grade
A Beka PenmanshipPreK-1st Grade
Zaner-Bloser Handwriting
(cursive taught in 2nd grade)
2nd-4th Grade
Shurley Grammar1st-8th Grade

Second through fifth grade students study literary novels in addition to their reading book. Middle school students study literature selections entirely. The objective in studying literature is for the students to develop critical thinking and literary analysis skills as well as to evaluate situations in the stories from a biblical perspective. Books that are studied vary; however possible middle school literature selections include:


6th GradeThe Cay; A Wrinkle in Time; Maniac Magee; Bridge to Terabithia; Holes
7th GradeRoll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, The Hobbit, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Tom Sawyer, Tuck Everlasting
8th GradeAmos Fortune, Free Man, The Hiding Place, Romeo and Juliet, The Giver, Much Ado About Nothing

Students in 1st – 8th grade receive explicit instruction in grammar and writing using a variety of resources and objectives developed by BCA. Students begin writing paragraphs in 1st grade and each year progress to writing essays, stories, poems, and reports. All students 1st – 8th grade write book reports, and students in grades 5th – 8th write multi-page research papers.


The BCA mathematics program emphasizes understanding math concepts, computing quickly and accurately, and selecting and applying appropriate problem-solving strategies. Concepts are developed from the concrete, to the pictorial, to the abstract. The curriculum used for Preschool – Kindergarten is A Beka. First through 8th grade uses Saxon Math.


The BCA history program is designed to help students recognize the presence and purposes of God throughout history and in society. Students learn the ideas and facts needed for intelligent decision-making by analyzing results of the events and decisions of the past. The program emphasizes essential reading, research and critical thinking skills. In the 5th – 8th grade, students engage in numerous experiential activities as well. The curriculum is:


A BekaKindergarten
BJU Press1st-5th Grade
TCI – History Alive6th-8th Grade


The BCA science program encourages students to recognize and acknowledge the beauty and order of God’s creation. The program provides for a large number of hands-on activities and laboratory experiences.


A BekaKindergarten
ACSI – Purposeful Design1st-3rd Grade
BJU Press4th-8th Grade


Art, Music, PE, Technology, Library

Specials classes to enhance student learning are offered to all students on a weekly basis.  These classes allow them to experience the Arts which are important to overall development and provide opportunity to perform in public.  The physical education program provides instruction in fitness and sports for all students. In Computer, students learn keyboarding and develop proficiency using Microsoft applications from a project-based curriculum.  As they get older, students also learn the basics of programming writing computer code on different platforms.  Students access a wide range of literature that they may check out from the library.

BCA provides students with hard-copy textbooks as well as some online textbooks for easy access at home.  At the middle school level, students have daily access to netbook computers in many of their classes.  Middle school students are provided with a BCA Google account and use Google Classroom to produce assignments from class and from home.