Homeschool Oversight

BCA's Homeschool Oversight Program is accepting applications for students in Kindergarten - 4th grade for the 2023-2024 school year. To find out more, check out the information below.

Oversight Program Details

The cost of oversight for the school year is $2,500. Uniforms for participation in on-campus classes and purchase of academic materials to keep are an additional cost.

The BCA academic program at home includes:

• Curriculum materials for parent and student use. (Parents provide their own enrichment or manipulative materials, and if they prefer to purchase their own teacher's guides and student books to keep, those may be ordered for an additional fee.).
• Objectives for the student's grade level.
• Guidance in setting up a schedule and training in instructional strategies.
• Support and consultation by a an experienced BCA educator/homeschooler up to 10 individual sessions .
• Student participation in school activities and events such as Specials classes, holiday programs, and sports activities (Student would need at least 1 BCA PE uniform and regular uniform if coming into school so he/she can feel like he/she belongs.)
• Spring achievement testing for students in grades 1-4.

The Oversight Applications Process

Ready to move forward? Click the link to begin your Application and note the process described below.

Step 1 –  Use the link above to fill out the Application and submit it online with the new student Application Fee.

Step 2 – Upload required documentation as noted in the online Application.  Medical paperwork must be completed by the pediatrician and the parent and uploaded in the online Application.

Step 3 – Attend the Family Interview

When all necessary paperwork has been received, the Admissions file will be reviewed and an interview with the parents and student(s) will be scheduled.

Notification of Acceptance. Parents are notified regarding the acceptance of their student within two weeks of the interview.

Payment Plans

Bethel Christian Academy uses FACTS Tuition Management to handle all tuition and school fees. Upon acceptance into BCA, parents are required to create a FACTS account to pay for tuition and incidental expenses. There are four TUITION payment plan options. Incidentals must be paid monthly on the due date.

Option # 1: Full tuition for the year paid on or before July 25
Option # 2: Two (2) payments in July and December by direct debit or credit card
Option #3: Bi-Monthly Plan - payments paid twice per month by direct debit or credit card.
Option # 4: Multiple monthly payments of equal amount beginning July 1st (or upon later enrollment acceptance).

All tuition must be paid in full by April 30th.