Tuition & Fees

2024 - 2025 Tuition & Fees


BCA partners with the FACTS Management Company, an automated payment system, to collect  
and process tuition and fees. All enrolled families are required to sign up for this service which 
has an enrollment fee of $25 or $$55 depending on the payment plan chosen.
Grade Level
Preschool - Kindergarten
1st - 5th Grade
Middle School

*Field trips, textbooks and workbooks, Preschool & PreK snack, the annual Carnival, and all technology fees included. Full payment prior to July 25th qualifies for a 2.5% deduction.  All enrolled families MUST have a Tuition Automatic Plan and an Incidental Expenses Account set up in FACTS.

Grade Level

Preschool – Kindergarten

1st Grade – Middle School

Yearly Meal Plan



Individual Lunch



Note:  Portion sizes are commensurate with grade level and cost.  Preschool – Kindergarten includes 1 slice of pizza. 1st Grade – Middle School lunch includes two slices of pizza.

Individual Rate

Family Rate

Late Pick-Up Charge after 6:30 p.m.

Late Pick-Up Charge after 7:00 p.m.

$8.00 per student per hour (or any fraction thereof)

$13.00 per family per hour (or any fraction thereof)

 $1.50 per student per minute

$5.00 per student per minute

*Enrichment classes and activities may be offered by BCA or by outside vendors for which a student must register. These may incur an additional charge.  All outside vendors will be paid directly by the parent in advance upon registration, and Extended Care fees will still apply.

Transcript Requests

Competitive Sports Fees (to be paid in advance)

Tutoring Fee (to be paid in advance)

Book Replacement Fee

$10.00 each request

Vary depending on the sport ($150 – $200)

$50.00 per hour (plus extended care fees)

The cost to replace lost or damaged books


BCA offers the possibility of a tuition reduction for students entering grades K-8.  Priority will be given to families whose application is completed (including all supporting documentation) by May 1.  Families who receive a reduction in tuition are required to volunteer in some capacity during the school year (e.g., serve at a school function).  Notifications of tuition reduction awards will be made by the end of May. To see if you qualify for a tuition reduction, go to the BCA website at, click on the Tuition Reduction Application  link and follow the directions.  Please note that completing this application and setting up a tuition payment account are two separate things.